Meet RecordRadar

It is not yet another record-selling platform. It uses modern technology to effortlessly connect music lovers with your record inventory by magically matching with their Spotify playlists.

And now you can be a part of it.

How it works for you
Get and attach
RR tag in your store
Your personal RR tag is available at the seller profile page.
Scan, match.
Scanning a tag will instantly match vinyl in your stock with visitor’s Spotify music collection!

There is no app needed – point smartphone’s camera to the RR tag and tap on pop-up. It will take user to the dedicated page of your record store where records matching his/her Spotify music collection will display.
...and there’s more!
Stick RR tag to your record packaging – let users discover other records from your stock matching their Spotify playlists.

Stick RR tag to record crate during Record Fairs – get more people to know what’s in the crate in no time!
How to get listed on RecordRadar?
Literally, no effort! If your store’s stock is available for sale on Discogs and your store is listed at VinylHub, it is most likely your store’s stock is already visible.
Add your store information

Quick and easy signup.
Enter your store name, address and upload a logo. Done.

RecordRadar imports your inventory

Your inventory is listed at Discogs?
We will update it automatically, you are all set.

Got a CSV file?
Upload it and map the required fields.

Print your RR tag and put it in your store
When you register your store, you will instantly get RR tag with your store’s QR code, containing a short link like this[your_store] Attach this tag everywhere you feel comfortable: on a wall in your store, at “Sorry, we are closed” sign, or even to the record mail packaging and bags, so your remote clients could match their digital collections to your stock.